Shipping $16

This is an authentic ceremonial pipe with a removable bowl that can be utilized with any 18mm slide.

The full size model is 32″ to 35″ long with leather, beads and feather decoration. There are also extra holes in this pipe ready for personalizing it by adding your own decoration. (this is how Native American style possessions truly become yours)

It’s available in a number of local woods and subject to availability. (we always strive to find unique woods and formations of woods)

It has a gloss polyurethane finish for durability, but other finishes are available upon request.

The feathers are chicken feathers for legal reasons, but adding your own unique feathers will give it more power.

We also make a small peace pipe around 19″ long with a 18mm slide hole for 59.98 with free shipping.

Custom sizes are also available in peace pipes.  Just let us know. (we make a 12″ mini with a 14mm slide hole)