A- Apple, AS- Ash

B- Birch, BE- Beech

C- Cherry, CH- Chestnut

D- Dogwood,

E- Mahogany

F- Cuchi

G- Cocoa Boa

H- Hickory, HL-Holly

I- Ipe (“EE-pay”)- Brazilian Iron wood

J- Jatoba- Brazilian Cherry

L- Locust

M- Maple

N- Pine or Cedar

O- Oak

P- Pear, PC-Peach, PL-Plum, PP-Poplar

Q- Coffee wood (momanique)

R- Rosewood (morado)

S- Sycamore

T- Teak

U- Curupay

V- Purple Heart

W- Walnut

X- Unknown exotic

Y- Yupon

Z- Zebra wood

1- Angelina

2- Sapele

3- Yellow heart

4- Tiger wood

We Make Lots of Things

PIPES: We make several kinds of pipes for different uses. Pocket pipes, Camouflaged pipes, Shire pipes, Ceremonial pipes, and Traditional styles as well. We also do custom orders and Giant pipes.

INCENSE BURNERS: We make small, standard size, extra wide, and giant (for 18″) incense holders.

CUTTING BOARDS: Small cheese servers, One piece boards, built up (butcher block) boards, Live edge boards, and big ‘stove cover’ boards. We do custom order boards all the time for stove covers, table tops and counters.